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Legislative Summary

Bill Rating
HB17 – 1002 Concerning The Extension Of The Income Tax Credit For Child Care Expenses Paid By A Resident Ind Oppose
HB17 – 1009 Concerning The Reinstatement Of The Exemptions From State Sales And Use Taxes For Nonessential A Support
HB17 – 1014 Concerning Election Offenses Committed By A Voter That Affect The Conduct Of An Election, And, I Oppose
HB17 – 1016 Concerning The Ability Of An Urban Renewal Authority To Exclude The Valuation Attributable To Th Support
HB17 – 1021 Concerning The Release 101 Of Information By The Division Of Labor Standards And Statistics In T Oppose
HB17 – 1042 Concerning Increasing The Supplemental Kindergarten Enrollment For Purposes Of Calculating Publi Oppose
HB17 – 1049 Concerning The Elimination Of Refund Interest Related To A Property Tax Abatement. Oppose
HB17 – 1063 Concerning A Reduction In The Personal Property Taxes Paid By A Business. Support
HB17 – 1066 Concerning A Perpetual Conservation Easement In Gross Granted For Property In Colorado For Which Oppose
HB17 – 1068 Concerning A Requirement That The Department Of Transportation Consider Only Proposals For Publi Oppose
HB17 – 1071 Concerning A Process For Repayment Of Certain Criminal Monetary Amounts Ordered By The Court To Support
HB17 – 1077 Concerning The Useful Public Service Cash Fund.          Oppose
HB17 – 1079 Concerning The Continued Collection Of Fees For Wholesale Food Manufacturing And Storage. Oppose
HB17 – 1082 Concerning Clarification That Financial Assistance Under The 'Building Excellent Schools Today A Oppose
HB17 – 1087 Concerning An Office Of Public Guardianship. Oppose
HB17 – 1088 Concerning The Verification Of Voter Eligibility In Various Elections Processes, And, In Connect Support
HB17 – 1089 Concerning Measures That Apply To Chronically Low-Performing School Districts. Oppose
HB17 – 1090 Concerning The Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit. Oppose
HB17 – 1091 Concerning The Creation Of A Credit Against The State Income Tax To Promote Employer-Assisted Ho Oppose
HB17 – 1100 Concerning The Qualification Of An Elector For Specified Local Government Elections By Virtue Of Oppose
HB17 – 1101 Concerning The Creation Of The Youth Corrections Monetary Incentives Award Program In The Divisi Oppose
HB17 – 1103 Concerning A State Sales And Use Tax Exemption For Historic Aircraft On Loan For Public Display. Oppose
HB17 – 1112 Concerning Immunity From Penalties For The Unauthorized Practice Of A Profession Regulated By Th Support
HB17 – 1114 Concerning The Authority Of The State Treasurer To Access Information Kept By The Public Employe Support
HB17 – 1116 Concerning The Continuation Of Energy-Related Assistance To Low-Income Households. Oppose
HB17 – 1119 Concerning The Payment Of Workers' Compensation Benefits To Injured Employees Of Uninsured Emplo Oppose
HB17 – 1124 Concerning A Requirement That A Local Government That Interferes With Oil And Gas Operations Com Support
HB17 – 1127 Exempt Feminine Hygiene Products From Sales Tax. Oppose
HB17 – 1134 Concerning Holding Colorado Government Accountable For Creating Sanctuary Jurisdiction Policies. Support
HB17 – 1141 Concerning The Malicious Deprivation Of Constitutional Rights By A Federal Employee Related To P Oppose
HB17 – 1152 Concerning Factors To Take Into Consideration In Determining The Child Welfare Allocation Formul Support
HB17 – 1161 Concerning Measures To Promote Transparency In Connection With Urban Renewal Projects Allocating Support
HB17 – 1167 Concerning A Requirement That A Business Improvement District Include Existing Businesses.      Support
HB17 – 1171 Concerning Infrastructure Funding, And, In Connection Therewith, Requiring The Transportation Co Oppose
HB17 – 1176 Concerning An Extension Of The Employment After Retirement Limitations For Retirees Of The Publi Oppose
HB17 – 1182 Concerning Reimbursement Of Student Revenue For Students Who Move Between A Charter School And A Oppose
HB17 – 1184 Concerning Developing Additional Resources For Modern Technology Education In Public Schools. Oppose
HB17 – 1187 Concerning A Change To The Growth Factor In The Excess State Revenues Cap.  Oppose
HB17 – 1195 Concerning The Sales Tax Imposed On Diapers. Oppose
HB17 – 1203 Concerning The Authority Of Certain Local Governments To Levy A Special Sales Tax On Retail Mari Oppose
HB17 – 1206 Concerning The Issuance Of Identification Documents Under The 'Colorado Road And Community Safet Oppose
HB17 – 1214 Concerning Efforts To Encourage Employee Ownership Of The State'S Existing Small Businesses, And Oppose
HB17 – 1228 Concerning The Creation Of The 'Home-Based Pet Animal Care Technology Platform Act'. Oppose
HB17 – 1235 Concerning A Financial Relief Program To Provide Financial Assistance To Individuals Earning A H Oppose
HB17 – 1242 Concerning Transportation Funding, And In Connection Therewith, Making An Appropriation. Oppose
HB17 – 1242 Concerning Transportation Funding. Oppose
HB17 – 1248 Concerning The Funding Of Colorado Water Conservation Board Projects, And, In Connection Therewi Oppose
HB17 – 1250 Concerning The Voluntary Contribution Designation That Benefits Wildlife, And, In Connection The Oppose
HB17 – 1253 Concerning The "Protection Of Vulnerable Adults From Financial Exploitation Act".  Oppose
HB17 – 1256 Concerning A Clarification Of The Minimum Distance From Which Certain Oil And Gas Facilities Mus Oppose
HB17 – 1265 Concerning An Increase In The Total Employer Contribution For Employers In The Judicial Division Oppose
HB17 – 1279 Concerning The Requirement That A Unit Owners' Association Obtain Approval Through A Vote Of Uni Support
HB17 – 1282 Concerning The Creation Of A Veterinary Education Loan Repayment Program To Assist Veterinarians Oppose
HB17 – 1285 Concerning The Financing Of The Water Pollution Control Program, And, In Connection Therewith, M Oppose
HB17 – 1286 Concerning Contract Requirements For Health Insurance Carriers That Offer Health Benefits To Sta Oppose
HB17 – 1287 Concerning Achieving A Vision For Education In Colorado. Oppose
HB17 – 1290 Concerning The Creation Of The Colorado Secure Savings Plan. Oppose
HB17 – 1297 Concerning Meetings For Which A Special District Director May Be Compensated For Attending. Oppose
HB17 – 1300 Concerning A Requirement That Contractors For Public Projects Over Five Hundred Thousand Dollars Oppose
HB17 – 1307 Concerning The Creation Of A Family And Medical Leave Insurance Program. Oppose
HB17 – 1309 Concerning Modifications To The Documentary Fee Imposed By Counties For The Purpose Of Financing Oppose*
HB17 – 1310 Concerning An Application Screening Fee That A Residential Landlord Charges A Prospective Tenant Oppose
HB17 – 1313 Concerning Civil Forfeiture Reform. Support*
HB17 – 1314 Concerning The Creation Of The "Colorado Right To Rest Act". Oppose
HB17 – 1324 Concerning Educational Opportunity Tax Incentives, And, In Connection Therewith, Modifying The E Oppose
HB17 – 1328 Concerning A Requirement That Candidates For Certain Federal Executive Offices File Income Tax R Oppose
HB17 – 1339 Concerning Authorization For The Issuance Of Low-Cost Ratepayer-Backed Bonds, And Creation Of Th Oppose*
HB17 – 1342 Concerning Authorization For A County To Submit A Ballot Question For A County Public Safety Imp Oppose*
HB17 – 1344 Concerning Measures To Support Innovative Teacher Preparation Programs. Oppose*
HB17 – 1348 Concerning Free Use Of Any North Interstate Highway 25 Express Lane For Any Motor Vehicle That I Oppose*
SB16 – 188 Concerning The Repeal Of Income Tax Credits For Innovative Motor Vehicles For Purchases And Lease Oppose
SB17 – 001 Concerning Methods 101 To Alleviate The Fiscal Impact Of State Regulations On Small Businesses, A Support
SB17 – 003 Concerning The Repeal Of The "Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Act". Support
SB17 – 014 Concerning A Prohibition Against The Imposition Of Inspection Requirements For Underground Petro Support
SB17 – 022 Concerning The Coordination Of Economic Assistance For Rural Communities Experiencing Certain Sig Oppose
SB17 – 029 Concerning Increasing The Funding For Preschool Through Twelfth Grade Public Education, And, In C Oppose
SB17 – 039 Concerning The Creation Of Income Tax Credits For Nonpublic Education. Support
SB17 – 040 Concerning Public Access To Files Maintained By Governmental Bodies. Oppose
SB17 – 054 Concerning Voluntary Contributions Of Income Tax Refunds Through The State Individual Income Tax Oppose
SB17 – 055 Concerning The Prohibition Of Discrimination Against Employees Based On Labor Union Participation Support
SB17 – 061 Concerning Distribution Of Additional Operational Funding To Charter Schools. Support
SB17 – 064 Concerning The Licensing Of Freestanding Emergency Departments That Provide Emergency Care Outsid Oppose
SB17 – 065 Concerning A Requirement That Health Care Providers Disclose The Charges They Impose For Common H Support
SB17 – 070 Concerning The Delivery Of Quality Online Education Within The Public Elementary And Secondary Ed Oppose
SB17 – 071 Concerning Reductions In Early Voting Period Requirements For Voter Service And Polling Centers U Support
SB17 – 072 Concerning A Prohibition On The Imposition Of A Convenience Fee On Certain Sales Transactions. Oppose
SB17 – 075 Concerning A State Income Tax Deduction For Military Retirement Benefits. Oppose
SB17 – 078 Concerning The Property Taxation Of A Residential Storage Condominium Unit. Support
SB17 – 085 Concerning An Increase In The Fee Imposed By Counties In Connection With The Recording Of Real Es Oppose
SB17 – 086 Concerning A Clarification That The Statute Prohibiting Local Governments From Enacting Local Leg Oppose
SB17 – 098 Concerning Mobile Home Parks, And, In Connection Therewith, Promoting Home Ownership, Protecting Oppose
SB17 – 107 Concerning Measures To Reward Public Education Entities That Provide Student Access To Arts Educa Oppose
SB17 – 110 Concerning Expanding The Number Of Unrelated Children To No More Than Four To Qualify For License Support
SB17 – 113 Concerning 101 A Requirement That The Total Employer Contribution Rates For Public Employees' Ret Support
SB17 – 114 Concerning Accountability In The Elementary And Secondary Public Education System. Oppose
SB17 – 119 Concerning Calculating The Number Of Property Tax Mills Each School District Is Required To Levy Oppose
SB17 – 136 Concerning Civil Forfeiture Reform. Support
SB17 – 138 Concerning The Role Of Election Watchers In Connection With The Conduct Of Elections. Oppose
SB17 – 139 Concerning The Extension Of The Credit For Tobacco Products That A Distributor Ships Or Transpor Support
SB17 – 145 Concerning Modifications To The Electric Utility Resource Acquisition Process, And, In Connection Oppose
SB17 – 147 Concerning Information Relating To Employee Eligibility For Student Loan Repayment Programs. Oppose
SB17 – 153 Concerning Establishment Of The Southwest Chief And Front Range Passenger Rail Commission To Over Oppose
SB17 – 158 Concerning Modifications To The Composition Of The Board Of Trustees Of The Public Employees' Ret Support
SB17 – 182 Concerning A Limitation On The Obligation To Cover Damages Arising Out Of A Motor Vehicle Acciden Support
SB17 – 185 Concerning The Compensation Of Attorneys Working In The Office Of A District Attorney. Oppose
SB17 – 186 Concerning Methods To Reduce The Regulatory Burden On Businesses From Administrative Rules Adopte Support
SB17 – 191 Concerning Market Based Rates For Interest On Judgments. Support
SB17 – 200 Concerning Raising Academic Excellence In The Public Schools By Distributing Up To One Percent Of Support
SB17 – 202 Concerning Measures To Conserve Native Species In Colorado, And, In Connection Therewith, Making Oppose
SB17 – 204 Concerning The Improper Denial Of Property And Casualty Insurance Claims. Support
SB17 – 208 Concerning Sales And Use Tax Treatment Of Equipment Used In Construction Materials Mining Operati Oppose
SB17 – 244 Concerning Retail Food Establishment License Fees.    Support
SB17 – 276 Concerning Methods To Alleviate The Fiscal Impact Of State Regulations On Small Businesses, And, Support
SB17 – 281 Concerning Holding Colorado Government Accountable For Creating Sanctuary Jurisdiction Policies. Support
SB17 – 283 Concerning A Clarification 101 Of The Distinction Between Discrimination And The Fundamental Righ Support
SB17-202 Concerning Measures To Conserve Native Species In Colorado, And, In Connection Therewith, Making Ap Oppose
SB17-205 Concerning Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure Funding, And, In Connection Therewith, Requirin Oppose
SB17-254 The Long Bill. Oppose
SB17-267 Concerning The Sustainability Of Rural Colorado. Oppose
SB17-271 Concerning The Development Of A Transparent Process By Which An Investor-Owned Utility May Recover Support
SB17-279 Concerning Clarification Of The Applicability Provisions Of Recent Legislation To Promote An Equita Oppose
SB17-280 Concerning Extending The Repeal Date Of The Colorado Economic Development Commission. Oppose*
SB17-287 Concerning An Income Tax Credit For Charitable Contributions To An Eligible Endowment Fund. Oppose
SB17-296 Concerning Financing Public Schools. Oppose*