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2017 Legislative Summary


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The job of defending the citizens of Colorado from its government can sometimes be a lonely endeavor. The government elites are constantly using the power of the state to bend the citizens to their will by enacting policies of social control and social engineering. Let us look at some of the battles that Colorado Union of Taxpayers fought on behalf of our state's taxpayers.

Among many others we opposed:

SB16-209 "Edifice complex", the bill would have allowed school districts to divert their focus from education and get involved in the business of erecting more buildings.

HB16-1275, this bill attempts to create a slush fund for the benefit of the education bureaucracy and outside of TABOR's constitutional limits.

SB16-022, here there is an expansion of the welfare system.

HB16-1466, in this bill, we observe another in the long line of failed "affordable housing" schemes, funded outside of TABOR's constitutional limits.

There were some attempts in the State Senate to do the right thing, for example SB16-070. This right-to-work bill was designed to prevent unions from forcing the non-members to pay union fees/dues.

Also, the Senate defeated the ill considered "hospital provider fees", which was yet another attempt to undermine TABOR's constitutional limits. Unfortunately, these examples of doing the right thing were relatively few and almost all of them were smashed against the State House's totalitarian minded majority.

Colorado Union of Taxpayers had success in fighting a wide spread misuse, by the legislators, of the "Safety clause", but a great deal of work still remains to be done.

Finally, supporters of people's sovereignty, CUT among them, won a narrow victory when the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against several Colorado lawmakers in the five year old lawsuit, which was designed to abolish the Taxpayers Bill of Rights enshrined in the Colorado Constitution.

Gregory Golyansky,

CUT President

George Washington once observed that government is, at best, a necessary evil.  At worst, an intolerable one.  I ask myself, what is the essential ingredient that makes government an intolerable evil?  

What is it that allows government to regulate, incarcerate, abuse, confiscate, embezzle - in a word - oppress?  Answer: taxes!  The cliche that money is the root of all problems applied to society, makes no sense, but applied to government, in particular, makes perfect sense. The definition of a free society is one that does not suffer oppression at the hands of government elected and appointed officials.   

The only way to truly minimize oppression is to keep government small and unable to involve itself in most areas of human endeavor.  The only way to keep the government small is to starve it of funds, in other words, keep taxes, low!   

In my opinion, the total tax burden on a citizen should never exceed 10% - local, state  and federal combined.  Keep more money in the hands of citizens, and you will observe a society creating wealth and protecting its individual liberties.  

In this struggle, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers stands squarely on the side of the working people, on the side of the productive, on the side of the job creators. We oppose those who imagine that they may use the power of taxation to live at someone else's expense.  

We understand that today in America and in Colorado, in particular, no major political group steps up as the political protector of the hard working middle-class.  Despite this perilous situation, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers will spare no effort in defending Colorado's overtaxed and over-regulated citizens.


Gregory N. Golyansky, President
Colorado Union of Taxpayers.

2016 Taxpayer Champions

State Senator - District 23
State Representative - District 16
State Representative - District 63

2016 Taxpayer Guardians

State Senator - District 1
State Representative - District 48